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At SOMA we are committed to using the freshest and highest quality ingredients without compromise. We believe that the secret to excellent sushi is in the rice, thus our rice is freshly milled right before being delivered to us. The restaurant roots itself in honoring traditional Japanese cuisine and constructs dishes upon seasonality. SOMA provides a unique dining experience, and we welcome you to join us at our beautifully designed restaurant.

Born and raised in Tokyo, Head Chef Yoji always had a love for sushi, but his curiosity for food began when he was 14 years old while eating with his father. At the age of 18 he attended culinary school in Tokyo. Upon graduation Chef Yoji worked at a French restaurant in Tokyo for 7 years before moving to New York City where he began his sushi career at Sushi of Gari. After learning and honing his skills at Sushi of Gari for 8 years, SOMA was the next step in Chef Yoji's culinary development. His passion for creating memorable experiences with food has led him to expand and continue expanding his culinary creativity and vision. Chef Yoji believes that sushi is a form of expressing his inner self.